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Effects Processor Articles

Line 6 POD X3 Pro Now Shipping

Line 6 - an originator of amp modeling simulators - is now shipping it's latest product the POD X3 Pro Modeling Preamp. This latest model includes all of the great features you have come to expect in a Line6 product and some incredible inovations on both the back and front panels.


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Timbre, Tone and Thier Relationship to Effects Processing

There are as many different kinds of guitars out there as there are personalities.  Companies like Fender and Gibson both have hardcore, devoted fans who will only play their favorite brand, make and model of guitar.  Other, less traditional companies such as Ibanez and PRS appeal to a more purpose-driven player, someone who is looking for technology to deliver them the perfect axe.

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Using Effects Processors - Reverb and Acoustics in the Studio

The studio environment is usually the ideal location to capture the most sonically faithful representation of an artist’s music.  With so much control over variables such as microphone type and position, sound isolation, equipment choice and the ability to try as many takes as the performer is willing to give you, the studio offers a stable recording environment not often found in even the most professional of live venues.

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The Basic Elements of Audio Production - Analog or Digital?

Getting started in the world of audio production can at first seem a daunting task.  There are so many different methods of getting your musical ideas out of your head and out into the world that the variety of techniques available can sometimes seem more like a barrier than a helping hand.  One of the most basic decisions to be made is how you are going to record your tracks.  There are essentially two popular methods for doing this, and each of them can have a significant impact on both your sound and your workflow in the studio.

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How Digital Effects Processors Work

With the advent of the digital age, the ability to combine more than one type of effect within a single device was made possible by microchips and transistors.  Instead of using physical hardware to process a signal, equipment makers were able to write computer code that simulated the analog effects they had previously achieved. They also opened the door to new effects and techniques that had never been previously imagined.

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